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For most individuals and families the purchase of a home can be the most important and expensive purchase of a lifetime. For many it is the start of wealth building and major investment in their future. At Nutshell Realty we possess the tools and knowledge to guide you through the purchasing process to a successful closing.

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When I made the decision to downsize and sell my large home of 42 years, Laurel and Petra were with me every step of the way. It was a decision fraught with much emotion and they understood that. They were there to answer my questions, give me advice, and listen when I needed a sounding board. We  sold the home I loved dearly, but better than that, they helped my find my new smaller home, that is perfect and that I know I will love just as much, in a new chapter of my life. Thank you both for your time, patience, and expertise. I couldn't have chosen any better Realtors.

Mary Beilman